Monday, June 18, 2012

Tea Collection Review & $100 GC #Giveaway

I LOVE Tea!!! No, I am not talking about the stuff you drink. I am talking about the clothes! Tea Collection is an awesome clothing line for kids, and they have been generous enough to let me do a review for them!!! I am SO excited about this one!

It is so hard for me to find clothes for my daughter. Not that they are not out there, but she is SOOOO picky about what she wears. She has to pick it out, and she has to approve of it, or it will seriously sit in her closet and the tags will never come off. With Tea Collection, we did not have that problem! They have the cutest clothes for kids I think I have ever seen!!

The thing about Tea Collection that makes them different, is that they get their inspiration for their clothing from places around the world! I think that is so neat! Each season they pick a different "Destination" for their travels, and use the inspiration from their travels to create the unique and beautiful designs.

For my review, I was sent the Kupu Kupu 5-piece Set from the Bali collection. This set includes:

Kupu Kupu 5-piece set 

 I am telling you, I had THE HARDEST TIME choosing anything to review. I literally love every single item of clothing on this website and would love for my daughter to own them all. I am sure she would love that too! If you think those clothes are cute online, just wait until you see them in person!

She was super excited about her clothes!

Kupu Kupu Halter top with French Terry shorts in Coral Pink

Egret Batik Tee with French Terry Shorts in Coral Pink

Flutter Fun Romper

Sea Flower Dress in Rain

As you can see, my silly girl loves to pose for pictures.

Besides being super cute, these clothes are super comfy! The material is so soft that you just want to keep touching it LOL! You can mix and match things (Like I did with the French Terry shorts) so you can create more than one look!

Right now Tea Collection is celebrating their 10th Anniversary! They have brought back some of their favorite items from past destinations. Be sure to check them out!

I honestly cannot say enough great things about Tea Collection. So how about a giveaway to let you see for yourself??!!!!

Tea Collection has been awesome enough to offer one lucky reader a chance to win a $100 gift certificate right here on my blog!!!

For another chance to win, check out the Tea Collection giveaway on my sister blog Locomotion of Expressions!

Giveaway Rules:
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Giveaway Ends 6/26/2012
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My Baby Clothes Review & $25 GC #Giveaway

If you are ever looking for just the perfect outfit for your little one? A baby shower gift maybe? I know that I have been in that position a lot recently. A lot of my friends have just had new babies, and a few more of my friends have blessings on the way! If you are ever looking for a great place to shop for your kids, or a special gift, you really need to check out

One of my very best friends had a beautiful baby boy almost 4 weeks ago. I was so thrilled to be able to be there with her! I was searching everywhere for the perfect outfit for him. You can guess how happy I was to be able to do a review with MyBabyClothes!

The outfit I chose for my God Son (I call him Baby K) was so stinking cute! I wanted something personalized, but not girly looking. His mom is super picky about what clothes he wears (I LOVE her, but she is) and who can blame her?! This is her first precious child, and she wants him to look his best. So after looking at all of their wonderful items, I chose the Petit Ami Baby Blue Gingham Bubble outfit. I just knew his mom would love it!

Here is the pic from the website:

So cute right???!!!

I thought this outfit would be just perfect for Baby K. He could wear it out during the day, and I thought it would be something he could get pictures taken in.

And how did it look in person??? SUPER CUTE THAT'S HOW!!!!!!! 

 Isn't he just beautiful?!!! 

And the outfit is absolutely precious. His super picky mom loved it!!! LOL! is such a great website. They have a great selection. You can CLICK HERE to see their huge selection of headgear for your little one. They also have the cutest things to cover your little one's feet for the complete look of any outfit!

Be sure to check out the latest styles in kids clothes before your next baby shower!!! has been generous enough to offer one lucky reader a $25 Gift Certificate!!!!

Giveaway Rules:
Giveaway is open to US Residents ONLY
Giveaway ends on 6/30/2012
For any questions please see Official Rules

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