Monday, September 26, 2011

30 Day Challenge ~ Day 1

Day 1 ~  A picture of yourself with 15 facts

1. I am happily married.
2. I have a 4 year old daughter.
3. I am a stay at home mom.
4. I am an internet junkie.
5. I am scared of lightning.
6. I cannot stand to be outside when it is HOT.
7. I hate pictures of myself.
8. Most of my best friends do not live close to me.
9. I could not survive 1 day without my cell phone.
10. I love scary movies.
11. I HATE spiders!!!
12. I am a Momma's girl.
13. I do not like to cook.
14. I am very random.
15. I just started blogging.


  1. very pretty! i like this mind if i do one of my own? :D

  2. Thanks for following my blog: Real Life with Lil' L. I am following you back!

  3. What a cool challenge! I would have a hard time doing it as I hate getting my picture taken too.

    Thanks for visiting! I am now following you back.

  4. Go for it!!! I posted the list on the post before this one! It has all 30 days!!!

  5. I dropped by to say thanks for following by blogs.

    You are now listed in "the BIG blogroll" directory!

    xoxo Bunny Jean
    Wednesday's Bunny Hop Party (linky starts Tues. @ 4:00 PT)

  6. Hi again,

    I am following you via the bloggers follow button at the very tippy top bar of your blog.

    BUT... in order for it to show in my dashboard you will need to add a "follower" widget/gadget to your sidebar (I could not fine one). How are other "bloggers" following you?

    That is the only way you will show up on my blogroll.

    xoxo Bunny Jean

  7. I have a GFC follow widget. It has been messing up on not only my page but on other blogs as well. You can refresh and it will show up, or you can just click follow in the bar at the top. Thanks so much!!!


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