Sunday, September 25, 2011

I'm SO EXCITED!!!! And I just can't hide it!!!

OMG! I am freaking out right now because I am figuring out so much stuff!!! I thought that I was awesome before because I made my button, but OH NO! I was looking and looking for some social networking icons to put on here that I liked. I found tons, but for some reason they didn't work for me. So......I figured out how to make my own!!! I know they are not the most beautiful things in the world right now. BUT I DID IT ALL BY MYSELF!!!!!! And the best part is THEY WORK!!!! YAY FOR ME!!!!!!!!!!!!

(sorry had to toot my own horn for a minute there!!!!)  



  1. Coming over from Beauty and The Bookaholic. Thanks so much for the follow, I'm following back via GFC!!! :) I think it's awesome that your excited about this bc I just figured out how to put buttons and such on my blog and I know how excited I was!!

    Jessica Rose - Beauty and The Bookaholic

  2. Congratulations! Thanks for stopping by my blog and I came right over and followed on GFC and Facebook. Isn't it great when we figure something out w/o the help from the techies? Thanks for the follow and have a great day.


  3. Yayy, that's awesome and the buttons look amazing! I have been looking n looking myself for something different. Will have to try n tap into my creative side. U should toot your own horn!


  4. Your blog is so cute! thanks for visiting and following my blog. I'm now following you. =]

  5. New Follower:) Lovin your new icons. I have been trying to figure out how to add some social networking icons to my site too. Check out my page if you get a chance.

  6. Thanks for the follow - following back! Isn't fun to figure out computer stuff on your own? Now, I can't for the life of me, figure out like the html code for the actual blog web layout design, so I leave that stuff to the professionals, haha. But, making pretty things, and setting up a link - we mama's can do it! Woot! :)

  7. Good for you! What an awesome feeling! :-) You can always come here and help spruce mine up a bit, lol! :-) Actually, I just changed my layout and was so proud of myself, too!

    Hope you have a great Sunday!
    Many blessings,

  8. yay for learning new stuff!!!! toot that horn play a song! way to go!<3

  9. Congratulations! You have a right to be excited! All the very best to you.

  10. Gymnastics mom?!!? I have to follow you now.

    I'm a former gymnast and coach :-)

  11. Thanks!
    @Joyful - That is so awesome! My daughter is only 4 but I think she does pretty well! You should take a look at the video I have of her on bars!!!

  12. You're doing just great! Thanks for following, I'm following you back.

  13. Toot toot....Isn't fun when you find all these cool things to play with? Thank you so much for stopping by my blog....I love yours and I am returning the awesome gesture. Happy Sunday

  14. I think they are totally awsome! If you are not a member of Blogaholic Social Network you should check into it. The have so much info to help with blogging.
    Thanks for visiting my blog and following.
    I am following you back.

    Have a Blessed Day,
    Patricia aka Mamaw

  15. Hello Corabeth, Thank you for stopping by. I am a new Follower from the FNF blog hop too. Have a terrific weekend. :)

  16. Hey Corabeth, Debs Dealz here to say hello and tell you congrats!! I know how you feel. There really isn't much help out there for all of this technical savvy much is trial and error, so when you finally get something accomplished it IS exciting! TOOT away!! :-)

    Debs Dealz

  17. I know right... it makes you feel awesome when you can teach yourself things and toot that horn girl.... toot .... toot !!
    :-)Thank you for visiting our blog and I also have a blog hop going its called My Homeschool Friends... I also am now following you ... God bless ♥

  18. Thanks for coming by my blog today. Looks like you';re off to a good start here and, believe me, blogging is an ever learning experience. As soon as you get it down, system changes get made and you need to adapt. Or, you see something on someone else's blog layout that you just have to try! I'm now following. Good luck with this new venture!

  19. Hi, I think the graphics you created are great! Well done.

    Followed your link from my blog, thanks for the follow. Am following you now also!

    Best wishes,



    Art & Craft Blog:
    My Cancer Battle:

  20. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. I'm following back! ;-) Congratulations on making the buttons - great job!

  21. Yea for you!!!! Wahoo!!! Thanks for visiting Prowling Books In the Lair. :)

  22. Hi Corabeth (I love your name btw!).

    I just wanted to thank you for stopping by and following me. I'm here to return the favor!

    Isn't figuring out things for your blog SO MUCH FUN?! I started (and stopped) about two months ago, but there is so much more I want to learn and do! :) I'm glad to have found a fellow... blog nerd? ;) Or something that sounds better...

    Anyway... thanks for following me! I look forward to keeping up with you!

  23. Hi, Corabeth...

    Good for you! I wish I were as tech savvy as you appear to be. Thanks for following my blog Living Like Kingsburys. Have a blessed week and I will be back!


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  25. Following back from One Cool Lunch! Thanks!!

  26. Thanks for following me, I'm now following you. Love your blog, it looks like you've worked very hard on it. I get excited like that too when I figure something technical out that I'd NEVER thought I could.

    Your little girl is precious, loved the video of her dancing....such joy!

  27. Thanks for the follow. Returning the favor. And yes, every time we learn something it's very exciting. I'm so happy for you. I'm trying to figure out how to blog too and I'm learning by reading everyone else blogs.



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